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Flowing to Happiness, by Yi Jooheon, translated by Wolhee Choe, 1998

Let us take the view which regards every object to be a sign: a person, a cow, an apple, a car or a cloud. Each thing comes to have a meaning as a sign. And then there is the position which argues that no phenomenon, sign, or word has or arrives at a final meaning. […]

Balancing Act, Whitney Chadwick, 1993

The reflection of a bird in a pool of water, the gnarled trunk of an ancient tree, a flowering bush springing from an otherwise barren cliff-face, two bundled figures asleep under the stars. It is images such as these — deceptively simple but never naive — that make up Wonsook Kim’s painted universe. They are […]

Where Worlds Collide, by Laurel Reuter, 1990

Can one make a case for tenderness in art?” “No! how terribly unfashionable. Contemporary art made today and judged in America is only important when it hovers on the cutting edge.” “What is the cutting edge? Could not an artist working in the spirit of humanism make art from tenderness? Is not that another cutting […]

An Interview with Wonsook Kim, by Eleanor Heartney

Wonsook Kim is one of those rare artists whose work seems inseparable from her personality. I have known her for over ten years, and yet I can scarcely remember – did those gently whimsical, touchingly poetic paintings introduce me to this high spirited artist, or was it the other way around? The fact is that […]