Resume & Bibliography

BORN 1953, Busan Korea


1976    M.F.A, Illinois State University

1974    B.A., Illinois State University

1971-72  Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2023  Shatto Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2021   Yeh Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2019  Woonshim Collection, Seoul, Korea
2018   Wings of Grace, George Berges Gallery, New York, NY

2018   Wings of Grace, George Berges Gallery, New York, NY
2017   Passages, George Berges Gallery, New York, NY
2016   Innocence, University Gallery, Illinois State University, Normal, IL
2014    Kong Gan Gallery, Busan, Korea
2013    MK Gallery, Washington, D.C.
2012     Hyundai Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2010    Le Torri Dell’acqua gallery, Budrio, Italy
2009    Arario Gallery, NewYork, NY
2007    YEH Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006    HyunDai Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2006    Thomas McCormick Hallery, Chicago, Illinois
2005    KongGan Gallery, Busan, Korea
2005    2×13 Gallery, New York, NY
2005    Promega Art Center, Madison, Wisconsin
2004    Hyundai Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2004    Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California
2004    Cooper Union Gallery, NewYork, NY
2004   Hanemaru Gallery, Kochi, Japan
2004   Kong Gan Gallery, Busan, Korea
2004   Hyundai Gallery, Wolsan, Korea
2001    Thomas McCormick Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
2001    Thomas Cohn Gallery, San Paulo, Brazil
2001    Gallery Hana, Kornberg, Germany
2000    United Nations Mission of the Rep. of Korea, New York, NY
2000    Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea
2000    Palazzo Montefano, Bologna, Italy
2000    Joong Ang Cultural Center, New York, NY
1999    Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, California
1998    Chosun Ilbo Museum, Seoul, Korea
1998    Art Space Seoul, Seoul, Korea
1998    KongKan Galley, Busau, Korea
1998    Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1998    Brewster Gallery, New York, NY

1998     Bowie Art Center, Due West, South Carolina
1997    Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea
1997    Manderville Gallery, Union College, NY
1997    Galerie Gana-Beauburg Gallery, Paris, France
1996    Walsh Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1996    Billy Graham Museum, Wheaton, Illinois
1996    Carlson Tower Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1995    d.p. Fong Gallery, San Jose, California
1994    Sigma Gallery, New York, NY
1994    Gallery Vitosha, Sofia, Bulgaria
1993    Allrich Gallery, San Francisco, California
1993    Chicago International Art Expo, Chicago, Illinois
1993    Park Ryo Sook Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1993    KongKan Gallery, Pusan, Korea
1992    Muhlenberg Art Gallery, Allentown, Pennsylvania
1992    ARCO Madrid, Spain
1991    Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea
1991    Sigma Gallery, New York, NY
1991    Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1990    North Dakota Museum of Art, Grand Forks, North Dakota
1990   Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1989    Gallerie Esperanza, Montreal, Canada
1989    Kukwa Gallery, Tenafly, New Jersey
1988    Hamburg Masse, Hamburg, Germany
1987    Inax Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1987    Hanguk Museum, Seoul, Korea
1989    Gallery Watari, Tokyo, Japan
1989    Kukwa Gallery, Tenafly, New Jersey
1984    Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia
1984    Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea
1982    Brook Alexander, INC., New York, NY
1981    Korean Cultural Center, New York, NY Gil Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1976    Center for the Visual Arts, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois
1976    Myungdong Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016    Kang Contemporary, “Viewing the Past Through Modern Eyes,”  New York, NY
2015    Kang Contemporary, “Happy Modern,” New York, NY
2012    Korean Cultural Service, two person show with Eunnim Ro, Los Angelos, CA
2010    Gallery Camellia, Jeju city, Korea
2010    Kang Contemporary, “Abundance,” New York, NY
2003    Smithsonian Institate “Dreams and Reality,” Washington D.C.
2003    Joy Smith gallery, Memphis, Tennessee
2002    Drawing Center, New York, NY
2002    Kamo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2001    Fulton Gallery, Salisbury University Gallery, “Mega Morning Calm,” New Jersey
2001    Karam Gallery, “Wooden Boxes,” Seoul, Korea
2001    Cho Gallery, Seoire, Che Ju, and New York, NY
2001    Andrew Bae Gallery, “Korean Contemporary Art,” Chicago, Illinios
2001    The Howard County Center for the Arts, “Shared Spirits & Sensibilities”
2001    Andrew Bae Gallery, “Korean Contemporary Art,” Chicago, Illinois
2001    National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
2000    ART KOLN, Cologne, Germany
2000    The Heritage Fine Arts, San Jose, California
1999    Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, Maryland
1999    Rockville Art Place, Maryland
1999    University of Maryland, “Tradition & Innovation”
1999    Cho Gallery, Seoul, Jeju, and New York, NY
1998    Int’l d’Art Contemporiain de Monte-Carlo, Monaco
1997    Palo Alto Cultural Center, “The Intimate Brush,” Palo Alto, California
1997    Takara Gallery, Houston, Texas
1996    FIAC International Art Fair, Paris, France
1995    ISE Foundation, “Two Person Show,” New York, NY
1995    Heritage Bank of Commerce, “Asian Artist,” San Jose, California
1994    d.p. Fong Gallery, “Small Works,” San Jose, California
1994    Hankook Museum, “Speaking as a Woman Artist,” Seoul, Korea
1992    University Gallery, Illinois State University, “Spirits Descending”
1992    Simonoseki Museum, “Contemporary Korean Art,” Japan
1992    ISE Foundation, “Visions in Between,” New York, NY

1992    Fukuyama Museum, “Korean Contemporary Art,” Hiroshima, Japan
1992    New Trends Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
1992    Simonoseki City Museum, Group Show
1991    Locks Gallery, “Directions: painting, sculpture, print,” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1991    National Museum of Women in the Arts, “Ten Contemporary Korean Women Artists,” Washington, DC
1991    Museo of Contemporary Art, “Korean Contemporary Art,” Mexico City, Mexico
1991    Sunjae Contemporary Museum, Kyung Ju, Korea
1990    National Museum of Arts, “Korean Contemporary Paintings”
1989    Bergan Museum, “Korean Contemporary Arts,” New York
1988    Superior Huron Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1987    Gallery Korea, “The Lyrical Line,” New York, NY
1987    National Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea
1987    Gallery Hundai, Seoul, Korea
1986    James Madison University, “National Art Review,” Harrison, Virginia
1986    Simard Halm & Shee Gallery, “Six Contemporary Korean-American Artists,” Los Angeles, California
1985    Gallery YEH, “Contemporary Painters”, Seoul, Korea
1983    Brooklyn Museum, “Contemporary Drawings,” New York, NY
1982    N.A.M.E. Gallery, “Compassionate Images,” Chicago, Illinois
1982    Museum of Modern Art, “Black and White,” New York, NY
1982    Indianapolis Museum of Art, “Painting and Sculpture 82,” Indianapolis, Indiana
1981    Hanguk Gallery, “Contemporary Drawings, in Search of an Image,” New York, NY
1981    University of Art Museum, University of California, “Contemporary Drawing: in search of an image,” Santa Barbara, California
1981    Goodard-Riverside Community CTR, “Menagerie,” New York, NY
1981    Grace Borgenicht Gallery, Brook Alexander, Inc., “Episodes,” New York, NY
1980    The Drawing Center, Brooke Alexander, Inc., “Illustration & Allegory,” New York, NY
1979    Arc Gallery, Chicago, Illinois

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